Need to connect your business with actual people? We’ll help you do that with our Business
SMS Services.

Communicate with customer, staff and suppliers with MessagePort.
Send SMS online, integrate SMS into other programs with our API’s, send SMS from your email, set up WhatsApp for business and much more.

We can integrate SMS into your daily business

What are you looking for?

Online SMS

We would like to contact our customers via SMS


We would like to communicate with staff, send alerts, automated SMS


We would like to send bulk marketing and promotional SMS.


We would like to integrate SMS into our CRM and other apps.


We would like to create added value and new revenue through a SMS partnership.


We are looking for a SMS reseller model to add to our current product offering.

With a 90 second response time, SMS is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your staff and customers.

How we get you connected?

With the best of breed mobile technology – that’s how.

MessagePort designed and developed by Edgility.

MessagePort provides all the SMS functionality your business requires to make communication simple and effective.

  • Online SMS sending to one or to many
  • Multi-User hierarchy and permissions
  • Online Address book
  • SMS Templates
  • FREE Replies

  • Web Inbox for inbound SMS
  • Instant SMS Chat
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Automated Opt Out functionality
  • Live SMS Delivery Status

SMS API Gateway

An SMS API enable developers to include SMS functionality into their existing software or applications for instance sending and receiving SMS. Our flexible API’s give developers total freedom to create perfect customer experiences. Our SMS APIs are always available, secure and scalable.

Virtual Numbers

Establish your business’ mobile identity with a virtual number for SMS. Virtual numbers allow you to send and receive messages to and from the same number, ideal for 2-way message campaigns. Allow your customers to text in, setup automatic replies and keyword trigger campaigns.

Email SMS

Working out of your inbox all day? Send SMS from there too. Edgility’s Email SMS feature allows you to send a text message without leaving your email inbox. The message is submitted via email to our server, which then redirects the message as a SMS to your recipient’s. It’s that simple.

Why choose Edgility?

Premium Local Routes

Trusted & Reliable

Encrypted Security

99% Uptime SLA

25 years’ experience in mobile tech