Here’s the easiest Online SMS platform that will change your business.

98% of SMS are read within 3 mins of delivery. That’s why sending Online Text Message promotions, alerts, reminders and notifications for are so effective for your business. MessagePort lets you do all that and more.

How we get you connected to Online SMS?

With the best of breed mobile technology – that’s how.

MessagePort has been designed and developed by Edgility a comprehensive, web-based Online SMS platform. MessagePort provides the SMS functionality with your business requires to make communication simple, direct and effective. Send messages instantly to staff and customers and track your communication with live reporting.

Online SMS

Whether you want to send a promotional message to a list of prospective clients, or a quick reminder to a colleague, MessagePort Online SMS ensures effective, interactive and immediate communication from anywhere.

Mange and restrict Email 2 SMS addresses from within MessagePort. Set up as many accepted email addresses to enable Email SMS/ OMS

Merge SMS

Merge SMS personalises your messages by simply browsing and selecting your client file (.csv), merging the relevant details and sending to as few or as many “individuals” with just a few key strokes.

SMS Replies

Choose how you want SMS replies to come to you. You can choose for recipients to reply directly to your mobile phone, to your registered email or to your Web Inbox.

Bulk SMS

Allows you to send messages to a long list of recipients with ease and efficiency. Copy and paste a list of mobile numbers in seconds or import numbers from an existing client file.


Are perfect for regular or repetitive campaigns. Set up unlimited message templates in order to make sending recurring messages effortless and error free.

SMS Inbox

Web Inbox allows you to receive replies from your recipients and can comprehensively manage replies by storing, deleting and exporting conversation threads.


Stay in touch with your clients even when you’re not in the office. Compose multiple and recurring SMS campaigns and schedule them for a later date and time.

Address Book

Set up both personal and company address books. Your address books allow you to easily send messages to your contact lists from anywhere.

Multi Admin

Administrators have the ability to oversee account reporting and manage user lists. Messageport now allows you to set up multiple account administrators.

Virtual Numbers

Purchase a unique virtual mobile number for SMS promotions and take advantage of “Text-In” campaigns, create automated replies and set up keywords according to your promotion.

Cost Centres

Cost centres allow you to set up multiple user defined groups to support company divisions or departments. Users on your account can be grouped into these cost centres for reporting or costing purposes.

Why use SMS for business?


Simple – A SMS is opened in over 98% of instances compared to email at under 24%. No medium is as accepted, immediate, targeted or cost effective as SMS.

Our SMS Gateway; MessagePort, allows you to send SMS from an online platform or integration, using local telecommunication networks. Replies to your messages are then routed by the same telcos, back into the SMS Gateway.

MessagePort, offers promoters an avenue to advertise a very simple call to action, drive immediacy and direct response from the consumer, irrespective of where the promotion is advertised.

How can I use MessagePort?

Keyword Campaigns

Keyword campaigns are a great way to build your database, gather information and get a response to your marketing efforts. With MessagePort’s keyword facility you can set up and manage multiple keywords or “text in” campaigns for such uses as, competitions, ad responses, “opt in” promotions and more. Multiple keyword responses can also be automated with Auto-Replies, making promotions appear interactive.

Marketing and Promotions

A simple way of expanding your reach into the mobile space is through the execution of a promotional SMS campaign. These campaigns allow you to utilise a Message Header – sender number – for branding purposes and unlimited character for the message body. These campaigns are “one way” communication which means your recipients cannot respond to messages, so generally these promotions are used for information updates, special offers or alerts.

Reminders, Alerts and Notifications

Use MessagePort’s native SMS scheduling tool or its simple API’s to automate sending SMS reminders, alerts and notifications to clients, staff and suppliers. The immediacy of SMS, means its never too late to send a text of upcoming appointments, inspections, expiries, renewals, warnings, payments etc. Personalise each message by inserting relevant data using the SMS Merge function, then send immediately or send at a later date/time.

Virtual Numbers

Purchase a virtual number for your business, which can be used specifically for SMS marketing purposes and advertised to clients to encourage “text in” interaction. These virtual numbers are great for lead generation and current or prospective client interaction. Set up an Auto-Reply or use keywords to determine specific responses.


Integrating SMS into your existing Client Management System or CRM is a great way to contact your clients and suppliers from a centralised system. An integrated mobile solution means you can start sending through existing systems, without the need for third-party software.

Talk to us about integrating a solution for you. You will be surprised how quick and easy this could be.

What features are included?

Edgility’s SMS Platform is rich in features, below is a glimpse of what is included on each account.

Two-way SMS

Bulk SMS

Merge SMS via .CSV

Schedule & Recurring SMS

Message Personalisation

Sender ID Options

Contact & Group Management

Template Management

Real Time Reporting

Email SMS

SMS API Integrations

Direct Integrations

Virtual Number Management

Text In Keywords

Virtual Number Auto Replies

Opt Out Management

Spam Compliance

Cost Center & User Management

Why choose Edgility?

Premium Local Routes

Bank Grade Security

99% Uptime SLA

No Upfront Costs

Live SMS Delivery Statuses

Premium Support