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What do we offer Integration Partners?

Integrations are what we do best. We make it our business to get to know your business, your customers and how they want to communicate with the people that matter to their business. Armed with this knowledge, we use our APIs to forge an integrated communications solution that ticks all the boxes, for you and them.

Our APIs have been written and developed to facilitate seamless connectivity and integration with any platform straight off the shelf. If a more tailored solution is required, our skilled and experienced development team can work with you to achieve an integration that is customised to your specifications. When it comes to enabling SMS and other mobile solutions into an existing framework, we’ve done the hard work for you so you can focus on what you do best.

A shift in consumer mindset has changed the way businesses interact with their customers. Consumers no longer respond to being “talked at”; they want the ability to “talk to”. As such, the ultimate communications solution is now the one that promotes conversation. That’s why we developed our SMS Chat API. Click here to see how SMS Chat works.

APIs are also available for single and bulk SMS sending, inbound SMS handling, reporting and delivery receipts.

Edgility’s Integration Partner Solution

Integrate SMS into your product.

How does the Integration Partner Program work?

At the core of our business is a comprehensive cloud-based platform, that allows us to create and manage accounts in a hierarchical structure and users at various permission levels. This means we can tailor an arrangement to suit whatever infrastructure, support and commercial requirements you have. We are able to offer anything from a fully managed solution, which includes the support and billing of your customers or a “hands-off” approach that makes us completely invisible to them. It’s your choice.

The flexibility of our Partnership Program means we are able to tailor any configuration to suit you. Contact us directly to discuss options.

Some of the services we offer Integration Partners include:

    • Customer account and user management
    • Direct billing to customer
    • Centralised billing to partner
    • Product Branding – login/interface/communications
    • Product Support
    • Knowledgebase
    • Marketing Support
    • Partner Reporting Dashboard
Integration Partner

MRI Software (Rockend Technology)

Edgility is extremely proud of its relationship with MRI Software (formerly Rockend Technology). Twenty years ago, Rockend were looking for a genuine tool that would differentiate them from a crowded industry sector. They identified SMS as an efficiency tool, that would add extra stickiness and genuine value for their customers.

As an integration partner, Edgility was able to easily understand the brief and collaboratively built an industry-first solution that would enable clients to send SMS individually and in bulk, receive replies and record communication to their database.

SMS was seamlessly integrated using an iframe, which was branded according to client specifications in order to maintain familiarity with the parent program. Along with a fully integrated SMS solution, we were able to provide the following:

    • Account and user management on behalf of partner
    • Direct customer support
    • Product website
    • Marketing collateral
    • Direct billing to customer

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