Microsoft Teams Integration

Edgility has launched an Australian first Microsoft integrations – Edgility SMS for Teams.

Edgility SMS for Teams

Connect instantly and maximise your reach with SMS for Teams.

How can I use SMS in Teams?


⋅ One touch connection

⋅ Send/receive SMS from collaborative Teams chats

⋅ Send/receive SMS privately from Edgility App in Teams

⋅ Send/receive MMS (with a Virtual Number)

⋅ Schedule SMS for later delivery

⋅ SMS Conversation Threading in Teams chats

⋅ Create Contacts and Groups

⋅ Save templates for quick sending

⋅ Notifications of inbound SMS

Edgility for Teams is a great way to stay on top of support, marketing or customer service queries, as inbound SMS and SMS replies are routed to the Team or Chat of your choice. All messages sent and received appear in your message history, so you always have a record of communication.

Set up multiple users on your Edgility account and each can configure their Teams profile for sending and receiving SMS. Once configured, you’ll find Edgility SMS conveniently located in your Message Extensions for swift sending. Simply choose “Send SMS” to access the SMS sending screen, where you can input single or multiple numbers, craft your message, and click SEND!

Already have an Edgility Account?


Now download the Add-in for Teams.

How do I use SMS for Teams?

Signup to Edgility by complete the online registration form click here. We’ll process your application and generate your account within 24 hours.
If you already have an Edgility account, log in and navigate to Integrations > Teams, click configure.

Get started.

      1. Create a Edgility account and add credits
      2. Download and install the Edgility SMS Add-in
      3. Connect the apps: this takes 2 minutes.
      4. Once connected you can start sending SMS straight from Teams.

Why choose Edgility?

Premium Local Routes

Bank Grade Security

99% Uptime SLA

No Upfront Costs

Live SMS Delivery Statuses

Premium Support