Edgility for Microsoft Excel

Edgility launches the first of several business tools, developed specifically for Microsoft Office products – Edgility for Excel.

Send SMS directly from Excel spreadsheets, without the need to import or transfer data into any other platform.

As leaders in the field of mobile communication and conversational business tools, Edgility clients can now export or open an Excel spreadsheet of contacts from any source (databases, CRM or contact management software) and send personalised text messages to an entire list in seconds. No need to import, resave or reformat – send directly from the spreadsheet.


CEO Peter Antoniou says “SMS is still the most trusted and effective means of message delivery available but it’s not just about sending or receiving anymore. It’s about being able to have meaningful and informative conversations”. As such, Edgility’s suite of Microsoft integrations will sit within Outlook, Excel and Teams software, enhancing communicative function without leaving the user’s everyday working environment.”

With almost as many handsets in circulation as there are people on earth, SMS is perhaps the most widely accepted form of communication available. 98% of text messages are read by their intended recipient within 3 minutes of delivery. The immediacy and rate of successful delivery makes it more effective for reminders, alerts and notifications than email.

The features of Edgility for Excel:

    • Send SMS to a handful or 1000’s contacts directly from your Excel spreadsheet
    • Preview messages before sending
    • Campaign Summary calculates the cost of your campaign prior to sending
    • Send immediately or schedule SMS in advance
    • View live delivery statuses for SMS sent