Enterprise Bulk SMS: Best Practices

When you want to use enterprise bulk SMS  protocols, you cannot send a bank of texts that will pepper your audience with information they may not want. Best practices for sending these texts are listed below, and you should take them to heart before beginning a text marketing campaign as your customers might prefer texts over emails.


As you read further, you should consider how to apply each best practice to your business texting program. Do not assume that because you have chosen to use enterprise bulk SMS, you will automatically see results. Doing things the right way makes a difference.


Be educational

Educational content is exciting. Customers know you need to sell your products. They have a clear understanding of how you make money. They are not lost on the fact that you must make a living. However, some businesses forget that. Instead of selling every product to your customers in every message, it is better to be educational. Show your customers how they can work with you and use your products or services.


If customers have learned from you, they are more likely to buy. Their reaction goes from “Not another text” to “Did you know this interesting piece of information?”


Make sure texts go out at the right time

You must take time zones into consideration. When you are targeting customers in Perth, you cannot send your messages in accordance with the same timeline you created for Sydney or Melbourne. The message will arrive far too early. If you send your messages in the morning, your customers will get them so early as to be bothersome.


How often do you send texts?

Every business has its own rhythm and flow. You might send texts once a week. You might send them every other day. You might have enough content to justify sending messages every day. You must look into your customer base, how often they respond, how much content you have, and your capacity to respond to these messages. Sending messages too often is annoying. Sending messages too infrequently reduces their impact.


Is your content trending and relevant?

When you send messages to your customers, they must be relevant. Check out worldwide trends and align your content with those trends. Your business does not necessarily need to relate to those trends, but you can still send an SMS to your customers about that trend and how your business plays into it.


You can also send texts around major holidays, major sporting events, and even anniversaries or birthdays of celebrities and dignitaries.


You can start using enterprise bulk SMS today

Edgility allows you to set up an enterprise bulk SMS system for your business. You will be surprised by how well these programs work. You can send texts at any time, and you can target specific customers. Moreover, you can hold text conversations with your customers if they need more information. Bulk SMS messages are more effective than emails and cold calls, and they allow you to educate customers, announce sales, and release new products.