Secure access to your applications with Two Factor Authentication via SMS.

Integrate 2FA easily with our API.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is the foundation of a “Zero Trust” security model. To gain access to or protect sensitive data,  2FA ensures users are who they say they are.

SMS Two Factor Authentication is a verification procedure, that when a user attempts to access a website, software or application. In order to verify the identity of the user, they are automatically sent an SMS to their registered mobile number containing a unique numeric code. This verification code is then entered into the application, verifying them as the user logging into the online account.

2FA is an effective way to protect against security threats targeted at user passwords and accounts, such as phishing, brute-force attacks, credential exploitation and more.

Edgility provides a 2FA API that is super easy to implement and allows you to implement user verification via SMS in minutes.

Have the capabilities to built it yourself?

Our Two Factor Authentication API will help you get the job done.

Why Implement Two Factor Authentication using SMS?

Customer Satisfaction

User are more concerned about the security of their information now more than ever before.

Immediate Delivery

Immediacy is critical. That’s why we use premium SMS routes for 2FA SMS verification delivery.

Possession Factor

The possession factor makes 2FA via SMS ideal. Only the user has access to their registered mobile.


SMS 2FA sends a code to a user’s mobile phone. Just enter the code and gain access to your information.

Why choose Edgility?

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