What is an SMS API and how does it work?

When you are using SMS as part of your business’ marketing or operational processes, the aim is to streamline and improve these processes, without overworking you or your staff. This is why you need an SMS API.


What does an API do?

An API, or application programming interface, is simply an electronic handshake that connects two different platforms. In this case, an SMS API integrates SMS functionality into your software or cloud bases platform, allowing you to send, receive or schedule SMS for specific tasks, within your environment.


Why do you need an SMS API?

An SMS API allows you to simplify your business processes by connecting to your CRM or business software. You can log in to your native workspace and do all your SMS communication from there. You can also automate your texts for the sake of convenience and to plan your marketing strategy.


How do you automate with an API?

Integrating SMS via API allows you to essentially trigger a text message from your CRM/software at the exact time you want. Set up rules that automatically trigger SMS communication at/after an event, i.e., thank you message to a customer after they have made a purchase, or manually trigger a message from a customer profile to update them on their order status.


Automating with an API allows you to be everywhere you need to be at any time and to gear your communication in a way that speaks to customers on their preferred terms. Managing processes can sometimes take you away from your core business – API integrations let you get back to work, while they do the job of keeping you connected.


How does your business benefit?

Your business benefits by reaching more customers who need information about your business. Automated text messages help you maintain touchpoints with customers as well as attract more attention. SMS via API can also manage inbound customer enquiries and trigger automated responses.


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